Slab Culture Events

Meet and get to know the real stars of slab culture events such as our Houston Slab Holiday, Slab Parade & Family Festival and more slab cultural events. See all the artful slabs with Texan Wire Wheels pokin’ out as well as the people who skillfully crafted these uniquely designed cars.

2018 Houston Slab Holiday

presented by:
Texan Wire Wheels, Paul Wall, Redline Keith, Serious Whipz

Biggest Slab Event Of The Year!

Sunday, June 24th
12pm – 6pm

8th Wonder Brewery – 2202 Dallas Street – Houston, TX 77003

Slim Thug * J-Dawg * DoughBeezy
GT Garza * Dat Boit T * plus more

Tickets can be purchased on the Texan Wire Wheels’ Cash App.
Use cash tag $slabholiday.